Fall 2023 Varsity Roster

Caleb Woodcock (#99)
Caleb Cardwell (#17)
Elijah Axelson (#34)
Elijah Blanco (#81)
James Scott (#39)
Josh Hillman (#19)
Julian Hernandez (#46)
Nate Dudley (#3)
Nicholas Holcomb (#9)
Tyler Welch (#41)

Spring 2023 Jr. Varsity Roster

2 Joshua Meeks
3 Nate Dudley
5 Ricky McKenzie
8 Lucas Carter
15 Mason Fewell
16 Trey Hearn
21 Aidan Ben (Senior)
35 Jackson Davis
38 Elijah Axelson
39 James Scott
46 Julian Hernandez
48 Rome Gatlin
77 Carlos Maldonado
81 Elijah Blanco

Fall 2023 Coaching Staff / Board*

0 Tim King (Team Manager)
6 Andy Welch (Varsity Coach)
24 Andrew Carter (JV Coach)
23 Bryan Dudley
29 Greg Hillman (Pitching Coach)

Victor Marquez*
Travis Cardwell*
Jason Mallory?
Andy Welch*
Greg Hillman*
Todd Tracey*
Eric Axelson*

In Memory of Ryan Miller #22

In honor of the sacrifice he made for our country, giving his life in action in the war in Iraq in September 2006, HCYA Baseball has permanently retired the number 22 for Lance Corporal Ryan Miller. Before he was a war hero, he was an All-American ('04) for the HCYA Eagles, and a great teammate. He will never be forgotten by this organization.