What is the HCYA Eagles Baseball Program?

The HCYA Eagles Baseball team is a competitive high school baseball program for homeschooled young men in the greater Houston area. We compete in fall and spring seasons, playing regular season and tournament games against Houston-area private and public high school at both the Varsity and Jr. Varsity level.  Our spring season concludes with the Homeschool World Series tournament, matching up the team against dozens of the best homeschool baseball programs in the nation.

HCYA is non-denominational and although it provides many opportunities for witnessing, ministry and character development, it is not a replacement for the church or the family, nor a platform for any specific form of evangelism. Without sacrificing hard work toward excellence or the desire to win, HCYA places a strong emphasis on supporting the spiritual growth of our players and all those who come in contact with our program. Ultimately, Christians answer to a higher authority than umpires, so HCYA strives to keep our baseball priorities in line with our responsibilities as followers of Jesus Christ.

  • HCYA is distinctly Christian - Homeschool Christian Youth Association is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Christians to serve Christian homeschool families in the Houston metropolitan and surrounding areas. The HCYA baseball program is influenced by Christian principles and the recognition of both higher priorities and a higher authority. We insist on conduct that is consistent with Christian standards of morality, dress and attitude. Coaches and program leaders are Christians who have the abilities and the desire to incorporate Christian character development within the context of competitive baseball.
  • Homeschool - The HCYA Eagles baseball program is strictly for homeschooled young men. The purpose of the program is to provide a high level of baseball that is competitive with the best high school teams in the area.  According to the Homeschool World Series Association (HWSA), the governing body for the Homeschool World Series:
    “Homeschooling” is defined to mean that a student’s education is parent-directed. As such, the parents shall be involved in their child’s education by assuming the role of principal or headmaster, thereby (1) setting the date and requirements for high school graduation; (2) selecting and approving course materials and study schedules; and (3) selecting tutors, correspondence courses, videos, computer courses and similar resources for their child’s education.
  • Baseball Program - HCYA is a comprehensive baseball program. Our strategy covers a wide variety of baseball-related activity, including instruction in fundamentals, strength training and conditioning programs, private and group lessons, regular season play, tournaments, the Homeschool World Series and more. We also have a secondary goal of helping those players who are interested in taking their baseball careers beyond high school to achieve their maximum playing potential and position themselves for the possibility of playing at the next level.

Whether your previous baseball experience has been with Little League, Pony League, a Homeschool league, private or public school, you will quickly discover a unique and wonderful difference with the HCYA Eagles. As you come to know the other players, parents and coaches, you will welcome the refreshing experience that is Christian homeschool baseball.

The Homeschool Christian Youth Association is a Federal non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation.