In Memory Of Ryan Miller #22



Lance Corporal Ryan A. Miller (#22)

United States Marine Corps

October 9th, 1986 – September 14th, 2006

 During my Quiet Time I was praying and God has taken my fear away.” – LCpl Ryan Miller




Former HCYA Eagle LCpl Ryan A. Miller #22, a third generation Marine, was killed September 14th, 2006 in action in Iraq, just a few weeks from the end of a tour that started in March. He died in combat against enemy forces in Anbar province.

LCpl Miller attended Pearland High School but finished his secondary education as a home-schooled student so he could enlist when he turned 18. He was barely a year removed from his Marine Corps graduation when he died.

“Ryan may have seemed to be a regular kid when he played baseball and attended school in Pearland. But he was no ordinary kid, and this is no ordinary family,” said Vicki King a family friend. “These two dedicated parents pledged their lives to fight the crime that threatens our city. Their son pledged his life to our country.”

Ryan was a dedicated player, a dedicated marine, and a dedicated Christian. His mother summarized a phone conversation she had with Ryan not many days before he was killed:

“Ryan said he was having quiet time a few days ago. I said quiet time as in you weren’t being bombed or shot at or quiet time as in biblical. He said biblical. He said I didn’t want to know what was going on around him and I think it was tied to the larger mortars they were being attacked with. But he said that he was praying and that God took his fear away. We didn’t get to talk about it because he had to get off the phone. I hate thinking about my son being afraid or fearful. But I take great comfort in knowing that he knows God is watching over him and has been and will continue to take care of him no matter what happens.”

In loving memory of LCpl Ryan A. Miller sacrifice for our country, state, and team, the HYCA Eagles have permanently retired #22. He will never be forgotten by this organization.