Code of Conduct

HCYA Team Player & Parent Code of Character & Conduct

The following policies regarding the character & conduct of HCYA Baseball Team Members have been established from Biblical principles. HCYA believes that this youth sports team and everything involved with it belongs to God, because He is the One who has given us life, our athletic and coaching abilities. We seek players and families who are like-minded, and we therefore expect each player and family on the team to strive for these ideals. Baseball provides a wonderful opportunity for growth in character and leadership, and it is our desire that HCYA nurture a team atmosphere which is most conducive to that goal. May God bless you and assist you as you seek to apply these principles to your athletic training and competition, as well as your everyday life:

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as unto the Lord… (Col. 3:23)

  • HUSTLE at all times during games and practice. Work hard with all your heart, strength and mind.
  • Overcome Adversity! Baseball is full of lessons about failure. Develop the courage to persevere. Never give up or quit.
  • Participate with the team on every scheduled event unless you have received permission to miss.
  • Practice Makes Permanent. Treat practice as an important chance to build your skills – the right way.

Whatever is true… honorable… just… commendable… excellent – think on these things. (Phil 4:8)

  • Be confident, not cocky. Remain “teachable” so you can improve! Let your abilities and the team’s play do the talking.
  • Have “Class” in all that you do! Play sharp, look sharp, be organized, neat and clean. Use clean language.
  • Be a positive role model and example. Remember, others are looking at you, so influence them in a positive way.
  • Being a “team player” means doing what is best for the team, and measuring success on that basis more than individually.

The one in authority is God’s servant for your good. (Rom 13:4)

  • Follow the instructions of coaches and other leadership, who are there to uphold these principles for everyone on the team.
  • Demonstrate self-control when you disagree with decisions or calls. Self-control is more important than any single event.
  • Be respectful of: umpires, coaches, teammates, opposing team members, parents and the game itself.
  • Complaining does no one any good, and is a bad testimony. Be humble and continue to work hard, and results will come.

The following behaviors will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action:

• Attitude problems.
• Back-talking a coach or parent.
• Crude, profane or vulgar language.
• Throwing of equipment in a display of anger or frustration; outward expressions or demonstrations of anger or frustration.
• Outward displays of displeasure with the officials. Questioning umpires in a clearly visible manner (verbal & non-verbal).
• Critical, judgmental, or negative talk directed toward teammates.
• Leaving the dugout or bench area. (Remain in the dugout or in the bench area during games, unless there is an emergency or you receive permission from one of the coaches).
• Use of tobacco products.
• Consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.

Consequences for negative actions and attitudes include:

• Being sent home early from practice.
• Not being permitted to participate in a drill or practice station (i.e. batting practice, infield workout, etc.)
• Some form of extra physical fitness exercise (i.e. running foul poles, push-ups, etc.)
• Removal from a game.
• Removal from the competition site.
• Suspension from playing in upcoming games.
• For willful disregard of these policies, players may be dismissed from the HCYA baseball team permanently.

Parents are expected to strive for these principles and to reinforce the team policies with their player(s), and to demonstrate these principles at all team events. The Player Agent is available to work through any questions or concerns about specific situations in a calm and God-honoring way. Parents violating the policies above may receive any consequences listed - individually or for their entire family.

These policies regarding character & conduct on an HCYA Baseball Team have been established for all players’ protection, well-being, and character/leadership development. In light of these principles, the final decision regarding any issue resides with the team leadership. The coaching staff’s decision is final. HCYA Baseball Team members who willfully and repeatedly disregard these policies and the leadership of the team may be temporarily suspended from games and other team activities, or dismissed from the team. These decisions are at the discretion of the HCYA Baseball Leadership Team. If you are dismissed from the team for a Code of Character and Conduct violation, you will be responsible for any additional costs, and NO refunds will be given.