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Baseball excellence. Christian character.

Eagles trade 10-0 blowouts with Bellaire at 1/3 mark of Fall season

Playing together. Praying together.


Competing against Houston's best high school teams.

And winning...

And winning...

And winning...

And winning...

And winning...


Winners of the inaugural Homeschool World Series

Winners of the inaugural Homeschool World Series

Christian Focus

Our team leadership are Christians committed to honoring God in how we operate the team. Baseball gives our young men great opportunities for character development, and chances to be a testimony for Christ in how they approach the game.

On-Field Success

We have posted a winning record many years in a row against the best private, public and homeschool teams in Houston. Our coaching staff is focused on building players' baseball skills and strategy, including training on advanced techniques and situations.

Fall and Spring Seasons

Our Varsity and Jr. Varsity programs practice and compete in regular season games and tournaments in both fall (beginning in Aug) and spring (beginning in Jan). The finale of the spring season is the annual Homeschool World Series in Florida.
  • Eagles trade 10-0 blowouts with Bellaire at 1/3 mark of Fall season

    It’s tough to score double digit runs in a high school baseball game.  And it might be even tougher than that to shutout an opponent…. Today at the 1/3 mark of the Eagles’ fall season, we achieved both those feats.  In the same game.  …After having both feats done to us just 2 hours earlier. […]Read More »
  • Initial Fall 2016 Rosters Set

    The Eagles will start the fall season with this Varsity roster: Kris Cormier Mark Davis Micah Davis Drew Johnson Braden Mallory Nolan Rising Bryce Roberts Colin Roberts Jacob Steinman Justin Withey …And this Jr. Varsity roster: Will Ballard Nick Cluck Isaac Engibous Conner Hammonds Jack Kruse Braden McCullough David Meyerhoff Jordan Murillo Joseph Parker Isaiah […]Read More »
  • Fall Leagues’ Schedules Set

    Leagues have been set for both Varsity and JV fall play.   Varsity will play in the Kyle Chapman league in Bellaire, beginning Aug 27th.   Jr. Varsity will play in the Power Memorial Park league beginning Sep 6th.  The team calendar has been updated with these dates.   Rosters will be set prior to […]Read More »
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