The workout guidelines below were put together by Coach Dana and have been approved by the entire coaching staff. Dedication to this program will make an enormous difference in your success! Throwing and hitting harder, running faster… these things matter as much as having good fundamentals.

ALL players are encouraged to follow the program below as the minimum Running/Throwing/Hitting Workout EACH WEEK:

Monday – Interval Sprints – Can be done in a neighborhood mailbox to mailbox. If not in a neighborhood, each run/jog should be 30-40 yards
Jog to the first mailbox, sprint to the next mailbox. No stopping for six mailboxes or 180-200 yards total. 8-10 sets.
Tuesday – Squats/Lunges with 10-12 pound medicine ball held in front.
Front lunges….10 on each leg. 3 sets
Back Lunges….10 on each leg. 3 sets
Squats with medicine ball held out in front with locked arms. 3 sets of 10
Walking lunges (10 steps), medicine ball held out in front with locked arms. Rotate shoulders side to side with each lunge. 3 sets.
Extra: Agility ladder. Find 3 exercise easily online and do till you can’t do them anymore.
Wednesday – off
Thursday – 10- 30 yard sprints (one mailbox) with 20 second rest in between.
10- 60 yard sprints (two mailbox length) with 40 second rest in between.
Friday – 2 sets of Tuesday items, 5 sets of Monday.

Core and strength:
100 push ups each day M,T, Th, Fri. We recommend doing a good number of reps that you can do while maintaining proper technique. For some that may be 10 reps 10 times. As you progress, do more reps at a time working up to 25 reps 4 times with 60 second rest.
200 sit ups M,T, Th, Fri. (Include regular and core rotation). We recommend doing a good numbers of reps that you can do while maintaining proper technique. Fore some that may be 10 reps 20 times. As you progress, do more reps at a time working up to 50 reps at a time with 60 second rest.
3 sets of planks. One set for 1 min, one set for 45 seconds, one set 30 second with less than 60 seconds rest.
3 sets of 10 wrist rolls. (18 inch bar/wood with string tied into the middle of bar with 3 pound weight on end of string. Hold bar with locked arms parallel to the ground and “roll” bar till weight is lifted from the ground to the bar)

M,W – Stretch for 10 minutes. Warm up and throw till hot on flat ground extending distance to 100 feet.
Pitchers return to 60 feet and throw from stretch on flat ground working up to 40 INTENTIONAL throws at a target on your partner. 10 fastballs, 10 curveballs, 10 changeups, 10 fastballs.
Tuesday/Thursday – Stretch/warm up same as MWF and then extend distance to 120-150 feet. Throw on a line (minimal arc) for 25 throws. On these days and on Saturday or Sunday, if possible, stretch/warm up and throw 30 pitches from the stretch off a mound week 1. Add 10 pitches each week till you reach 50 each session.

Monday through Friday – 100 INTENTIONAL swings off a tee. For those who know how, may include various different swing types and ball positions on these. If you don’t know, we will discuss in practice and you can work these into your workout. Be sure and take purposeful swings. Doesn’t have and probably shouldn’t be all 100% speed, if any. Check what you are doing with different parts of your body.
Hitters need to try and get some live batting practice a couple times a week, if possible. Make sure that whoever is throwing to you isn’t throwing lollipops. Need to simulate good velocity.

Do your best not to miss a day. If you do, either pick up the missed day on an off day or continue with the program the next day. IF YOU FEEL ANYTHING THAT FEELS LIKE AN INJURY (not pain….you should feel some pain), STOP IMMEDIATELY AND GET A DOCTOR APPOINTMENT AND GET CHECKED OUT!