Tryout Policy

HCYA's philosophy on player selection is two-fold. There is a clear minimum level of skill and experience needed to play baseball at the high school level, from the perspectives both of success and safety. Having said that, we have a developmental approach with our Jr. Varsity squad, and we've seen players coming from a wide spectrum of previous experience find success in the HCYA program through the years. For this reason, "tryouts" at HCYA are really player evaluations conducted in the initial practice sessions after a player joins the team, to ensure they can practice and play with us safely. Anyone who can do this is welcome to join the JV team and begin to work on building their skills further.

On the other hand, our ultimate goal is excellence, and our Varsity team is put together to give us the best chance to win baseball games. Membership on the Varsity squad is by invitation only. Even if your son comes onto the team having been a Varsity player at the high school level on another team, he will be evaluated in the initial practice period and may be slotted to Jr. Varsity, or as a "swing player" on both Varsity and Jr. Varsity. Even if this happens initially, do not be concerned that this is a once and done decision. Evaluations are being made continually at each game and practice, and there are many examples of players moving up/down to/from Varsity as the season progresses, as their skills and/or our team needs change.

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