Teamwork “on the field” upgrades home field for Spring

Two dozen Eagles players, parents and siblings teamed up yesterday to upgrade our home field and the adjacent batting cage, in preparation for the Spring season.

Bryan Dudley uses his tractor skills to level dirt.

Bubba Garner and team shovel out sod from the infield.

Coach Bryce Roberts climbing high to replace the main flag pole.

This year we are renewing our partnership with Missouri City Little League to play our home games on the high school field at the MCLL complex. In preparation for this Spring’s games, the board really wanted to invest some time and effort upgrading the field, leveling the dirt/grass transitions, raising home plate and bringing more dirt to the batting circle; most of all, we wanted to rebuild the pitching mound.

Coach Dana Davis lays a brick foundation for a more stable mound.

The finished mound is as nice as any field we play on.

Raising home plate and filling in the batting circle was a team effort.

MCLL has been a great partner for us, and we wanted not only to upgrade our field, but also give back to MCLL in the form of repairs to the batting cages used by all of the divisions who play there.

“The cages needed a lot of work”, said Jason Mallory, an HCYA board member who coordinated the work day, “the backstop had fallen down completely in one tunnel, and in two other tunnels, the heavy backstops were hanging not from steel cables, but on the net itself. There were holes in the netting in a lot of places. It’s great now to see these cages in excellent shape for our guys and the Little League players this spring.”

Chip Meyerhoff and Jeff Roberts restringing steel cable in the batting cages.

One shovel-full at a time – the guys got a little extra off-season workout.

When the work was complete, Jason treated the team to grilled hot dogs, which hit the spot after the long hours of shoveling, wheel-barrowing, tamping, repairing and carrying. Thanks to everyone who came out to help. Have a great Thanksgiving Eagles!

Jason grilling up some dogs for the hard-working crew.

Full stomachs are a satisfying reward for hard work.


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