Soph Micah Davis shatters HCYA season strikeout record

In curating the Team Records page for HCYA, it is always an interesting exercise to review each season’s results and compare to seasons and teams gone by. Usually – especially in recent years (and particularly in 2016) – there are records tied or edged out by the team or individuals in the recently completed season, which make for an interesting blog post.

But this year we had a record so utterly obliterated – and results posted which so far exceed anything recorded in this program, at least in the decade we’ve been keeping detailed electronic stats – that it is worthy of focused attention…

Micah Davis, in his 2018 sophomore season, recorded a total of 99 strikeouts in 50.1 innings on the mound; that’s a pace of 1.97 per inning, folks. He finished even stronger – in 12.2 innings in his two starts at the Homeschool World Series, he struck out 27, for a pace of 2.13 per inning..!

The previous record was 55, itself an impressive tally posted by Jacob Steinman in 47 innings in 2016, his own sophomore season. But HCYA has never seen a strikeout machine anywhere near the level that Micah Davis reached this year.

Congratulations Micah! We’re excited to see what your future holds!

(See the team records page for the updated list of standing HCYA Baseball records…)


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