Initial Spring rosters set

The following players will start the season on the Varsity roster and will be needed at all scheduled Varsity events, the first one being our scrimmage game Thur. at Bay Area Christian:

1 Braden Mallory
2 Bryce Roberts
5 Colin Roberts
7 Toby Stringer
8 Nolan Rising
11 Isaiah Winkler*
14 Jacob Steinman
15 Justin Withey
27 Mark Davis
31 Kris Cormier
33 Micah Davis
34 Andrew Johnson

The following players will start the season on the Jr. Varsity roster, and are expected at all JV events, the first one being our JV-only practice Sat. at PJHE:

3 Nicholas Cluck
4 David Meyerhoff
6 Isaac Engibous
10 Joseph Parker
11 Isaiah Winkler*
12 Will Ballard
13 Brayton Cardwell
16 Kade Guerra
18 Jack Kruse
23 Jordan Murillo
24 Conner Hammonds
25 Tommy Hicks
42 Logan Crouch
55 Braden McCullough

Everyone please remember to let me know when you will miss an event for your squad, or a joint practice. Our coaches need to know who to expect at every event in order to plan accordingly.

Note: All players are always welcome in the dugout at Varsity games. This is a great opportunity for JV players to watch and learn more about strategy and positioning in game situations at the Varsity level.


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