HCYA Alumni paddle surgeon through Harvey floodwaters to save teen

Just two years after they last laced up their cleats for HCYA, two of our alumni made news delivering a surgeon to a local hospital through Harvey floodwaters in a canoe. Kevin Mikulan and Willie Zeek, now firefighters with the Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department, canoed Dr. Stephen Kimmel a total of 12 miles through flooded streets and ditches to the Clear Lake Regional Medical Center in time for a successful surgery on a teen needing an immediate procedure within hours of checking into the hospital.

It was quite an unfortunate time for Dr. Kimmel’s 12-mile commute to be flooded, requiring an hour-long canoe trip, but Zeek and Mikulan were up to the challenge, the surgeon was delivered to the hospital in time, and the surgery was completed with a narrow margin to spare.

“I had no clue it was that close, I knew there was a time frame we had to get him in but I didn’t know it was that close”, Zeek said.

Kevin Mikulan gave the ultimate credit where it is due, saying “All glory to God, honestly it is. We couldn’t have done it without Him.”

The full news story was posted on click2houston.com.


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