Fierce competition underway for remaining Varsity spots

Opening day for the Eagles fall 2017 season was yesterday, and the Varsity roster is still in flux.  The team has 5 returning Varsity players, each of whom has made the squad again for this season; but beyond those 5, the Varsity roster is still being decided.  10 other players were invited to the team’s opening double-header with Bellaire, but it’s not too late even for other players beyond that list.

Head coach Andy Johnson commented on the situation after the games, saying “in my mind, no one else has written their name yet onto that Varsity roster.”

We are blessed this year to have 12 new players join the organization, including several upper-classmen.  These new players are competing with players returning from the JV team for 7 open Varsity spots.  Another week of practices will give the coaching staff the opportunity to see more of what the players can do, and the attitude they bring to the team.

“HCYA is one team, Varsity and JV, but it makes a difference having a chance to compete at the highest level and play against the best players in the city.  I think it really stokes the fire in these young men to realize that in order to reach that level, they’re going to have to outperform a lot of other guys who are working just as hard to get there.  It’s a great opportunity for character training”, said team director Jeff Roberts.

The fact that we graduated 7 seniors (including 6 starters from the Spring 2017 Varsity team) creates more of an atmosphere of competition than we’ve had on the team for the last few years – really since fall 2014 after the team graduated 8 players.   It will be exciting to see how it plays out!


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