Fees & Fundraising

HCYA baseball program operates on an annual budget, the entirety of which is raised through program fees and fundraising efforts. The charter of HCYA prohibits us from committing resources for which we have no funds, i.e. we cannot create a debt for the parent organization.

In operating the team, we strive to keep our costs as low as possible while still providing a quality experience and full season.  Toward this end, we have brokered discounted deals on our practice facility, equipment and uniforms, and we minimize the number of home games we play, etc.

There are several aspects to the financial commitment of team participation:

  • Program Fees for each season
  • Purchase of appropriate uniform and equipment
  • Participation in fundraising activities (or equivalent buyout), if needed
  • Facility entrance fees - some of our spring opponents charge a minimal price per fan for entry to the stands (no cost for players)
  • Prayer. God has brought many blessings to HCYA Baseball through the years, including financial blessings

Sponsorship is a tremendous help for reducing the financial load on families participating on the team.  Players who secure a sponsor for the team will get credit for them.  The donation is tax-deductible (unless the sponsoring organization is owned by someone in the player's immediate family).  Check out our Sponsors page for more information.

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