Eagles avenge 2017 with win over San Antonio

The third annual Texas Homeschool tournament, held for the first time at Baseball USA, gave HCYA a chance to avenge a 2017 loss in this same tournament to the San Antonio Wolverines. The Eagles responded with a strong 10-1 win on 12 hits, moving our recent record against the team to 2-2. (We split home/home games against the Wolverines in 2016.)

In total this weekend, HCYA posted a 2-1 record and outscored opponents a combined 19-8, with wins against the San Antonio Wolverines and Texas Sluggers. Our tournament ended with a tough loss to the Austin Royals.

Typical for early season results, our first games have been a mixture of success and failure, both offensively and defensively. Practice time has been severely impacted by poor weather since January, which has made it challenging for the coaches to get the team to full speed. But as the season picks up momentum we expect more success, and more wins like vs. the Wolverines!

Go Eagles!


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