Coaches name Opening Day rosters

The Eagles coaching staff have set the Varsity and JV rosters for Opening day 2018, and have conducted individual meetings with all players to discuss their role, expected contributions, and the parts of their game into which they should put their main improvement efforts. Congratulations to the Spring 2018 Varsity Eagles!

1 Braden Mallory
5 Colin Roberts
6 Isaac Engibous
12 Will Ballard
13 Brayton Cardwell
14 Jacob Steinman
24 Conner Hammonds
27 Mark Davis
33 Micah Davis
38 Max Soliz
39 Vincent Parlante
46 Hunter Malek
55 Braden McCullough

…and to the Spring 2018 Jr. Varsity Eagles!

3 Jamison Murabito
7 R.J. Smith
8 David Garner
9 Ethan Phelps
10 Joseph Parker
11 Christian Swanson
15 Jordan Dudley
16 Kade Guerra
17 Drayton Kinder
18 David Meyerhoff
25 Tommy Hicks
26 Ethan Alderete
30 Christian Rebresh
31 Kaleb Ansell
74 Braeden Renteria

We’re also pleased to have the following players on the Eagles Practice squad…

19 Nate Pratt
20 Ryan VandenEinde
37 Dominic Hickman
40 Ezra Tarver
44 Josh Armstrong

Our exhibition season starts Thursday. Go Eagles!


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